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Sunday, July 30, 2006

parting shot

final images of the wax journey

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Evaluating the Class

Tomorrow, Thursday is my last day with you extraordinay artists. I am so honored and thrilled to have had this experience with you. I have some thoughts about how to make this workshop better for you the next time. Truly I think it has never been done, an encaustic class of this size and duration. Perhaps we need to be in the Guinnes Book of Records? Hildy called it Tsunami Encaustics, which seems quite apt. My thoughts about our experience are:
  • 12 students per class is the limit, and 1 week is enough
  • lab time from 1-4 is long enough
  • allow adequate work time after each demo to learn the technique
  • each student is provided their own starter kit of colors and medium
  • Cabrillo should BBQ lunch for us every day

I'd love to have your feedback, on how this would have worked
better for you.

Some of my questions to you are:

Were there any demos that neeed polishing? Were they weak? Should any be elimated?

Was there TMI (Too Much Information) disseminated?

Did you like having Guest Presenters?

Was the lab time too long, adequate, not enough?

Is there anything that should be elimated?

Were you treated with respect?

If there is anything you want to tell me, please feel free. You can email me directly at


Thanks for your amazing participation. I am more pleased that I can ever tell you. You and your work rocks my world.

With warmest regards,
Dotty Stripes

Monday, July 24, 2006

westside paper stories

so much great paper is out there for artists. and you can find it if you look. some great artists are making their own paper!
i think if you start making your own, you will never throw anything away again. (big problem with artists)
i hear dryer lint makes great paper.
dried flowers, leaves. old paper. name your game.

anyway, if you just want to buy paper:
Lenz Arts on River Street in santa cruz. (Cynthia Lenz is a paper junkie)
Good deals on BFK and watercolor paper.

and here are a few paper sources on the web:
  • nepalese paper

  • paper mojo

  • hiromi paper

  • japanese paper place
  • Welcome!

    We are the First Encaustic class at Cabrillo Arts for the Summer of 2006. There are 24 of us, including our instructor, Daniella Woolf and Amazing Assistant Wendy Aikin. Instructor of Record is Victoria May. We thought this would be a great forum to share ideas, sources, our work, and keep in touch-after we complete this class on July 28. All 27 of us can contribute to this blog!